How Can I Obtain my Previous year T4’s and other Slips

We provide Great Support dealing with CRA, if you are missing some T4’s or other Tax forms we can easily obtain this for you. We will need your SIN number and your signature on CRA form

Please ask the front desk they be happy to help you.

Why I have to file taxes return, I did not have income?

All Canadian are entailed to gst credits and many other tax benefits, you have to file your tax return to get your quarterly gst cheque.

Why My Small Business Needs an Accountant?

Every business needs an accountant watching their back.  A business cannot be run based on whether or not there is cash in the bank at that current time. At the end of the year, how do you know whether you are going to report a loss or income to the CRA? You need to report as much loss (expenses) as you can to pay as little taxes as you can, otherwise you are just cheating yourself. We will help you with your business expenses, so you can get full advantage of your income tax deductions, and improve your financial position.

Why does our small business need financial statements? or in other words why does our small business need your accounting services?

  1. Financial Statements are Your Business Scorecard – You will Know if your Business is profitable or not
  2. Financial Statements are required by All banks they will not even consider a loan application without up to date financials.
  3. Canadian Corporations are required to produce financial statements for Annual Corporate Tax Return

Why choose IC Tax Solution, Bookkeeping & Accounting Services?

Instant Cash Business Services offers a complimentary 30 minutes FREE consultation, and there are no obligations. It’s an opportunity for you to meet me and ask questions.

  1. We Can Save you Money by lowering your Taxes
  2. Extensive accounting experience working for private and public companies
  3. Competitive Fixed prices, no hidden or extra charges, Our initial quote is your final bill
  4. Great support dealing with CRA, If you are missing some forms we can get them for you, last year T4’s, account balances and much more
  5. If you are behind with you taxes, we can file them now and take advantage of all available programs
  6. Most Importantly,we are on your side and your  best interest is our business.
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